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" Service to humanity is the worship of god ".

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Welcome to Manovikas Charitable Trust at Degamdegam, Post-Karaya, via. Vapi, ta. Pardi, dist. Valsad Pin - 396 191.

When the darkness of materialism is engulfing the civilzation,and giants like mahatma Gandhi ,Vivekananda are nowhere to be seen, we mediocre must stand our ground and light lamps of selfless service. Our ancestors have taught the message of selfless service and spirituality to the world. wearer humble torch bearers of this ancient civilization, who have the responsibility to keep this promise alive for the next generation. our scriptures preach of selfless service, to see god not only in all human but in animal and like form also. The journey has just begun. With this background thoughts, a few like minded people came together to serve the downtrodden, at Vapi, and Manovikas Charitable Trust was born in 1995.
We identified the most downtrodden, mentally retarded people as our target and established “a school for mentally retarded” on 20th October, 1996 in the premises of Ramdeo Mandir Chala Vapi with 13 Children and 2 teachers. Within a year, the school was shifted to a bigger and  better premise given by the Gayatri Mandir Vapi in October 1997.As of today the School  “Manovikas Rotary Vishishta Prashala for Mentally Retarted” has 135 students and “Manovikas Mook Badhir Vidyalaya” has 78 students




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